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Welcome-Unfortunately I have a page with annoying pop ups please do not install anything that pops up I have no control over this and since this site is free to build Im stuck with it-I cant afford a pop up free site because I make no money doing this its just a hobbie for me.I care about people who visit my site and do not want you to have any problems because you made a visit here,so please keep the pop up blocker on and try and ignore them.your safty first !

Freebie links are toward the bottom of this page

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I just finished my medical and science  links page
Be sure and check it out to get free info, magazines, DVDs ,VHSs, and continuing education free stuff- I got 8 lectures on DVD for free if you are interested in DNA-Genetics -bioscience check out the HHMI link on this page select from above navagation tabs


Hi ,Thanks for stopping by my page , now that your here please check out all the kool stuff I have found on the net ,
I love to get a deal and I have done extensive research  finding the very best places for freebies , surveys that pay or offer product testing, and coupons codes ect .
I will update this site as I find interesting web sites that are useful and different. I dont do a daily freebie site, there are many forums that do that I list the best forum links so you can pick and choose what freebies you want to order.
if you like free stuff you will enjoy my links .
Ok first not everything listed as free, really is free. may get some unwanted emails .
Its best to get a free email account from yahoo or excite to use for your freebies and surveys, but make sure check it often because some freebies need to be confirmed before they send out a sample .
I get tons of stuff. I get free samples almost every day and by doing surveys I get products to test for free at home . The trick is to do all the surveys they send you even if you do not really want to do a car survey its best to do them any way .. soon you will get surveys that you like and know about . also typing is a pain so get Robo form the free version fills in forms for you better than the auto complete you probably have .
On this page you will see links for freebie sites that are good and I use . Also my favorite survey sites ,only the sites that I have actually used myself . And coupon sites when I can find them .
I have put up a forum for coupon trading you are welcome to post if you like PLEASE trade fairly and be nice .
 I also want to let you know that this week I was paid cash for doing surveys from lightspeed and survey spot .I will try and keep you updated by listing the surveys that I have been paid something or received something from .The last really good Product test I received was through Bzz agent Im not allowed to tell you what the product was but its value was 169.99 and its a very useful item .
I also got a huge bunch of full sized personal care products by signing up to be a self magazine beauty product tester .This link is offered once a year in the Fall and you usually can find the link listed in the forums as it becomes available.
I have a Blog on myspace I will use this to update you on what freebies and product testing I get so please check it out the URL is below. thanks an have fun Loraine

This is the link to the page click this site you can read my blog .everyday I let you know what I got in the mail and what I ordered in the freebies -I also list what surveys paid me or what product test I received.And any good online deals I find- I also have some cute pictures of my dog Asia up and some funny video's of Scott and Asia playing.Feel free to add me as a friend .

Many freebies require a phone number dont give them your real number use K-7 they give you a phone number and you can check the messages you get online I use this all the time so I dont get to many phone call to my house and its FREE no charge

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to get your free robo form click this banner

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Here are the survey companys that are trusted and do pay..(If you sign up please let them know that it was Lori Alcorn that refered you so I can get some points out of it .) Sometimes you get a pay pal, check, product test or points you save to request a gift . some have really nice gifts Im saving for a crockpot and will soon be getting that free. you are not going to get wealthy but I made 45.00 this week and thats better than a sharp stick in the eye ..

HDC very good

market view-Ok so far

Survey Savvy

BZZ Agent become a bzz agent and have an opportunity to test products in your home

Survey spot-this site is good if you stick with it I have received payment and product testing from them but it took a while

lightspeed panel-good product testing and you save your points for cash

Harris poll

Clear voice surveys-not the best but ok

consumer village

the brand inst

Consumer input

polling point

Greenfield online-this one is not the best but I added it because sometimes they send you free products to Try .I have only ever received 6.00 cash from them but did get to try a few free products.I do them last for the chance a a free product.

i-say surveys

I think surveys

Zoom panel ( very Good survey site )

your 2 cents survey site- this site never sends me surveys I may remove this link soon as its not very good


View points a great place to rewiew the products you like or don't-not a survey site but they do send out gift cards for reviewing products you like

Vocal point sometime offers samples to there members

Thymes product test panel sign up

focus forward-just started using this one seems ok

20/20 research

partnership plusthis site wants to konw what cloths you buy -once a month you tell them what you bought and they give you points that you save for gift cards .very easy

I thought I would post a few of the insider pannels that I belong to . these are not survey companys I have a seperate list for those LOL these are for insider pannels for things like product testing , exclusive contest entrys, Members only gifts with purchase or free shipping , samples and free products to try and than incourage your friend to try . I get lots of coupons, product test, samples, and general good offers because I signed up for these I know I have more but could only think of these for now .
Im not including bzz agent or House party because everyone know about those .
you will get lots of email from all of these pannels so you may want to open a yahoo email or other free email for these to go into I have 5 emails I use for these things .
First Tip get a free online answering machine so when you enter in a phone number you do not get to many calls to your home. This site gives you a phone number and sends you a email whe you get a message you can record your own message , mine says Im out of the office at this time etc, this is good for freebies that require a phone number in order to get it . I use this for my freebies and news letters because I cant get endless phone calls to my house because of my husbands business. the only draw back is you have to get at least one message a month or your account is deleted so call yourself once a month .
 Insider clubs and panels
maire care velvet rope club
Elle inner circle
Allure experts
All you reality checkers
Oprah insider
Vogue insider
Kraft first taste
Vocal point
Pringles insider group
Clairol insiders insiders for free gifts with purchase or free shipping
Sephora insiders
Spa look - just sign up for there emails at the bottom of the page
solution seekers - not the greatest but once in a while you get stuff from them
Mills advisory pannel
consumer collaboration club
Tell Harlequin pannel- they will send you 5 feee book all the same copy so you can give out some to friend and keep one - I get 5 books freeevery moneth but you have to keep doing he follow up surveys .
Naturally savvy sends out sample packages from time to time I get about 1 a month you can sign up here
Mccormic spice register and than check I want to join product testing pannel
Thymes testing once in a while

Big Fish Games a great place to find fun Hidden object games- I love this site click banner to find out more


For fun on line shopping check out its a social networking site for shoping .if you find a deal you like just add it to your profile so others can see what you found.

cool links I found

Yoga today free daily yoga classes very beautiful

All Free Crafts -Free Crafting Page

Free Classic Audio books -free to download

Ad Perk Free subs to magazines for watching commercials-I got 3 magazines free for 1 year just for watching these adds

Want a shoping Code look up codes for online shoping

Coupons inc -all the printable coupons available in the net

ID this pill- ever find a pill and not know what its for this place tells you what pill you have

Wakerupper - free wakeup calls to your phone really good if the alarm clock fails

Spellchecker - great on-line spell checker incase you are ways from your email or don't want to bring it up to check something .for people like me who cant spell worth a crap.

Here are the freebie links to the forums. their are 2 really good forums where people list the free stuff they found ,up dated daily . you have to look through the posts for free stuff ,sometimes it a deal or a coupon or a form to order a free product.

MySavings: Free Samples, Free Stuff, Freebies and Coupons

4-free forum just free stuff allowed here.they only list free samples and stuff no chit chat

Marie Clare contests daily giveaway calendar- enter once each day to win great prizes.

Free stuff forum your daily freebie- lists free stuff,coupons,shopping deals and codes, lots of chit chat here. very flexable page .its the best freebie forum on line today

Sell your old cell phone

Here is a picture of my puppy Asia


Baby Asia

Big Asia

My Honeybunch




Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.

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